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Maintenance and Setup


This page contains information and links to videos to help SIFF and other keen Formula Ford drivers setup and maintain their vehicles. If you have any other information you think may be useful and think should be included here then please contact the webmaster - email me here


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Maintenance Evening - Motorsport Solutions 2017


John Crawford has been setting up, maintaining and running Formula Ford since, well, forever. He has shared his time with members of the South Island Formula Ford community. A series of videos taken of these incredibly valuable evenings are below (apologies about the focus, the camera did not much like the light in there). More will be added over time.

Video 1

The page John refers to in his presentations has been scanned and can be accessed here.

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Other Videos relating to single seater setup and maintenance


Please see below for other videos we have found on the web which look useful (no warranties granted or implied!)

Basic Chassis Set Up 1 - Camber, Castor, Toe, and Ackerman

Basic Chassis Set Up 2 - Springs, Shocks, Anti-Roll Bars and Bump Rubbers

Basic Chassis Set Up 3 - Ride Height, Rake and Weight Jackers

How to change the internal gear ratios in a Hewland MK 8 gearbox

Maintenance Evening - Hewland Gearbox (Motorsport Solutions)


John Crawford shares valuable insights into maintaining the Hewland Gearbox from this maintenance evening in 2015.

Video 1

Video 2

Maintenance Evening 2016


John Crawford from Motorsport Solutions discusses maintaining a Formula Ford Kent Crossflow race engine. Some great information in here thanks John...

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