March 26, 2019

As raced by Ben Stiles       Fresh engine at the start of the season. Very well maintained competitive car.  With spares


GR 17 RAY as raced this season by Josh Bethune

March 26, 2019

Many wins, very well set up car, available at the end of the season with a refreshed National Championship engine. All the Ray spares included $110,00...

Van Diemen 96B

March 25, 2019

Top HP 1600 Kent engine with Perkins bottom end and Larner Head. Motor prepared from the best equipment from 10 years of racing.

- Koni 2-way adjustabl...


March 26, 2019

Been sitting in a shed for many years. Has done 1.29s at Ruapuna.

This is a very fast car and comes with setup papers and is black in colour.


Motorsport Solutions - Formula Ford Parts for Sale

September 2, 2013

Ivey CP Forged Pistons - $995 + GST
Includes Pistons, Pins, Rings and Clips

Machine and CC Bowl the Pistons $105 + GST
(Will be provided with a MSSL St...

Rain Light

December 3, 2019

100mm x 100mm 12 volt 36 LED Rain Light. Exactly the same as fitted to Andy Downs’ car. Very good lights that easily exceed MSNZ requirements, and loo...

Formula Renault

December 3, 2019

Carbon Fibre tub  2 litre motor.  Lots of spares  $35000


Contact Peter Turvey on   0274 442 4842


December 3, 2019

TRS Car. Brand new Couk motor. Excellent condition  $65,000

Contact Robert on

RF90-92 Bordywork

December 3, 2019

Bodyworkfor sale that fits a Van Diemen RF90-92  3 x Bonnets,1 not shown ex Ch Ch, 2 x left side engine covers, 1 not shown ex Ch Ch and 2 x engine ta...

Juno Sports Car

December 3, 2019

307 HP at the rear wheels

Capable of TRS times

Fully serviced and ready to go

$75,000  contact Brodie McConkey

0278 768 704

Virtual Race Training

December 3, 2019

Actual Results!


MotionForce 1 Performance Simulations


Facebook: Carlyle-Performance-Ltd


0292 632 2223

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