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Indicative Formula Ford Costs

There is a misguided perception that Formula Ford has descended into cheque book racing - he who throws the most cash wins... whilst it is possible to do this it is also possible to race at the front with a very modest budget. Formula Ford is the original DIY class with many drivers also being the engine builder, race engineer, support team and of course cheque book provider.


How much do cars cost?

At the time this page was being written currently on TradeMe used cars range from $30-55k for front running National Level cars to $18-25k club cars. Completely new chassis and gearbox cars range upwards of $90k. Classic and historic cars range in price from $18-25k.


What are the annual running costs?

Running costs of a Formula Ford in the South Island Championship (and including 4 or 5 club days) would range from $6k if you run your own car, to $12k to have your car professionally prepared or to $15k to lease a professionally prepared car. These figures are inclusive of all running costs and entry fees but exclusive of car damage, travel/accommodation and engine rebuilding.

We have included the costs (courtesy of Mark Collins whose son Michael Collins ran at the front with the other young guns) of the National Formula Ford Championship as being indicative of what to expect:

Formula Ford budget 5 rounds national series:

Using our own car. Driver + 2 crew, using our own engine as a spare, using a lease engine.

Race engineer extra at $500 per day + airfares.

$7000 in spare parts carried to race meetings.

Entries - $2000.00
Engine lease - $7000.00
Tyres 16 off - $5568.00
Rotors 8 off - $912.00
Brake pads 10 sets - $1600.00
Oils, filters - $850.00
Fuel - $400.00
Nitrogen - $106.00
Practice fees, (Fridays) - $500.00
Accommodation - $3000.00
Marque Hire - $2000.00
Ferry crossings 2 off ( return trips with 3 adults) - $2000.00
Miscellaneous parts, clutch plate, odds and ends - $1000.00 
Crash Budget (if needed) $5000.00

Total - $31936.00


Whats involved with an engine rebuild?

Depends. Depends on what's happened to it. Bent valves (a common occurrence when a gear change is missed) run less than $500 to be professionally done. "Freshening" the engine with rings and bearings will run to about $1500. A professional engine build done by one of the leading engine builders in NZ with full dyno tune and "special" parts will set you back up to 25k.


What if I bend/break something?

Suspension parts can be relatively easily fabricated. A corner that has been ripped off will set you back about 1k. See the note on engines above. Body work varies on how professional the job is.


Where can I buy parts and components?

Motorsport Solutions in Christchurch probably has the most comprehensive set of spares available in NZ. Also in NZ Cardwells has some parts and components. Pegasus Auto Racing in the US is an awesome resource (just watch the $400 GST limit when importing!). All parts for the Kent engine are now available new - either re-manufactured by Ford or third parties (including the block and pistons).

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