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2012/13 Season Results

OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                                  

1st                                                                SIFF Challenge Trophy                    Michael Collins

2nd                                                               301 Main South Rd Cup                  James Munro

3rd                                                                SIFF Club                                      Robert Toshach








CLASS 1 CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                                       

1st                                                                Dunlop Motorsport Cup                   Michael Collins

2nd                                                               SIFF Club                                      James Munro

3rd                                                                SIFF Club                                      Robert Toshach








CLASS 2 CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                                      

1st                                                                Formula Libre Cup                          Doug Price

2nd                                                               Batchelor Motors Cup                     NC

3rd                                                                Allison Carriers Cup                        NC








CLASS 3 CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                                      

1st                                                                SIFF Club                                      Roger McKenzie

2nd                                                               SIFF Club                                      NC

3rd                                                                SIFF Club                                      NC   









PRE 93 CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                                      

1st                                                                SIFF Trophy                                   Doug Price

2nd                                                                                                                    NC

3rd                                                                                                                     NC









CLASS 1                                                                                                                    

1st                                                                Team Hutchison Ford Cup               James Munro

2nd                                                               Canterbury Cars 4WD Cup               Michael Collins

3rd                                                                Waltham Cup                                 Steve Heffernan










South Island Formula Ford Club Trophies


Rookie of the Year (John Hawkins Trophy): James Munro











Most Improved Driver (Keith Laney Trophy): Russ Noble












Top Gun (Motorsport Solutions): Michael Collins











Mechanic of the Year (Performance Engine Centre): Andy Neale












Best Prepared Team (SIFF Club): Munro/Neale Team











Best Prepared Car (SIFF Club): Steve Edwards













Sportsman of the Year (Mobil Cup): Russ Noble











King of Ruapuna (Flexoplas Trophy): Michael Collins











Over-50 (Mann Family Trophy): Robert Toshach     







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