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The South Island Formula Ford Club was founded in 1981 and organises various championships for Formula Ford racing cars in the South Island - aimed at providing affordable and enjoyable racing for single seater racing enthusiasts.

This racing is excellent for young drivers starting out on a motor racing career and is certainly essential to gain experience prior to competing in the full National Formula Ford championship.

Formula Ford has existed for 40 years and is recognised around the world as the proving ground for budding young champions. The SIFF caters for all ages of Formula Ford cars in the championship classes. We have put together an informative summary of racing a Formula Ford - click here to download it.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about Formula Ford or how to join the SIFF Club. Membership is very reasonable and there are a large number of friendly members who are very willing to share information, knowledge and experience.

Videos - SIFF Highlands 2020 Race 1


The first ever sanctioned F1600 race at Highlands Motorsport park is available on Youtube as are the rest of the races from that round and the Teretonga round - click the link below to view!


Please click here to access the images from the last rounds from the prior season

Latest Points/Results

The points for the 22-23 season can be found here. Old results can be found under the Archives page or by clicking here. The results for 2023-24 will be posted as they occur

Press Release
The latest Press Releases can be found here:

Press Releases

Technical Evening - Videos published

A fantastic technical evening was held recently at Motorsport Solutions. We have just published a video of the evening and will look to add more setup and maintenance information in our new section on the website. Click here to access the page with the information



The SIFF club is extremely lucky to have a great bunch of dedicated sponsors. Please support them where you can...

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